18th, July 2014


Hi guys! I haven’t blogged in like…um…way too long so I thought i’d give some updates! I’m *really* going to start trying to start getting a few posts up per week, but… I can’t make any promises simple smile Work with me!


Anyways, I have been working on some exciting new stuff in terms of blogging/personal training and I have been brainstorming ways to combine the two. Stay tuned!


I don’t know about you guys, but I have been seeing a lot of diet-focused, pyramid-scheme type of companies becoming popular lately on Facebook, Instagram, various blogs, etc.


i.e. Drink this shake/meal replacement bar/juice/powder/pill instead of a meal every day and lose weight!


I’m sure you have seen them before (one of the major ones rhymes with shmakeshmology) or maybe you’ve even bought/sold them yourself. No judgement- I get it. These promises are alluring, and many people want a “quick fix”.


My problem with these products (aside from the fact that these are products and not food) is that although they may work in the short term, there will most likely come a time when you will no longer be using the shakes/pills/etc…


  and what happens then?

More than likely, any weight loss that was achieved, will be regained (maybe more).

Also, your body systems will have down-regulated during this time in order to function on a lower amount of calories —>  in turn slowing metabolism and making weight gain much easier when we return to eating regular food.

Gimmicks like these are not sustainable for the long haul because they focus far too much on calories/macronutrients, and most importantly…


Health encompasses so much more than calories in(what you eat) vs. calories out (what you burn). Feed your body with ingredients that it recognizes, and there will be no need to carefully monitor every bite eaten and every calorie burned.

Eat real food1 300x212 Work with me!

This is the message that I am passionate about getting across to people, and has been on my mind for the last few months. Working in a bikini store has really opened my eyes to how prominent body-hate is, and how rampant insecurities are.

It is possible to get healthy and feel good about ourselves without depending on a juice fast or meal replacement program. <<<Read more about my fitness/nutrition philosophy here!>>>

This graphic contains symptoms that almost every single person has experienced at one time, myself included.

symptoms2 682x1024 Work with me!

Do any of these sound familiar?

What if I told you that every single one of these symptoms could be improved and/or reversed with proper nutrition, fitness/movement and lifestyle modifications?

I have put together a 3 different options for anyone who might be looking to get fit, feel awesome, and even improve chronic health problems in a natural way. The best part?

Every plan is 100% customized for YOU! No one-size-fits-all workout regimens or nutrition plans here simple smile Work with me!

3 682x1024 Work with me!


Who is the 1 week reset for? 

You have a general idea of what kinds of foods work for you, but simply need one week’s worth of meal ideas and a new workout routine to kick-start your health goals.


Buy Now Via PayPal!


2 682x1024 Work with me!


Who is the 1 month plan for?

  • You currently feel confused about what is healthy, or what type of nutrition plan would be best for your needs.
  • You feel unmotivated and out of ideas in the gym
  • You lack energy and/or have a specific health concern that you would like to correct with nutrition/lifestyle changes before turning to conventional medicine/ prescriptions
  • You feel hungry all the time, or out of control with your cravings and/ or food choices
  • You need Meal ideas, accountability, and a new workout routine for the month

Price-  $99

Buy Now Via PayPal!


4 682x1024 Work with me!


Who is the 3 month plan for?

  • You are serious about making changes in your health!
  • You have a lot of questions about nutrition, and would like a structured plan to fit your specific goals/energy needs
  • You need a progressive workout plan that will allow you to reach your fitness goals in the next 3 months
  • You have 1 or more specific health concern that you would like to correct through nutrition/lifestyle before turning to conventional medicine/ prescriptions.
  • You need meal ideas and accountability
  • You would like to improve your relationship with food
  • You want a sustainable nutrition/fitness plan for life, not a quick fix

Price- $199

Buy Now Via PayPal!

Each plan is 100% personalized and done via email and text/phone call. All 3 are a great starting point, depending on your goals. Every plan is meant to help kick-start your health goals AND be sustainable long-term. After your 1 week, 1 month, or 3 month plan is complete, I will offer discounted prices on individual services off of the A La Carte menu as shown below ; or contact me if you would like to start with one of the A La Carte options simple smile Work with me!


ala 724x1024 Work with me!


If you are interested in making changes in your health, but aren’t sure which plan would be best for you, i’d love to talk to you! Or, if you have any questions about any of the plans, pricing, what is included, etc. please email me at coffeencoconuts@gmail.com.


Nodieting 682x1024 Work with me!



Xoxo, Amie

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24th, July 2014

(You do need a Vitamix or other high-powered blender, though simple smile No Juicer? No Problem! )


Juicing is all the rage right now, and although i’m not a fan of “juice cleanses”, I am a huge fan of juice – in addition to a diet centered on whole (unprocessed) foods.


>>>Read more about why  the concept of a “juice cleanse” isn’t always a good idea, here>>>


Once I tried a fresh- pressed juice, I was immediately hooked. I was spending $6 at the farmer’s market near our house for a tiny 12 oz juice and it was getting ridiculous. Then I realized that juices (and other beverages, kombucha *ahem*) were burning a whole in my pocket, and I had to figure out a different way.


One day at work, I had a revelation! A little while back, I had purchased a “nut milk” bag to make home-ade coconut milk. I hadn’t used it in a while and  since it was just sitting in the pantry I thought i’d attempt a home-ade juice by blending up my favorite ingredients and straining the mixture through the nut milk bag.


It turned out waaaay better than I expected, and although it takes a few minutes and a little bit of muscle to squeeze all the juice out- it tastes exactly like the juice I bought at the farmers market (for a fraction of the price!)


1 682x1024 No Juicer? No Problem!


Here is the recipe I used:



fruits No Juicer? No Problem!





  1. Wash all ingredients
  2. Take rind of off beet, lemon and ginger (I left rind on cucumber and cut only the ends off carrots)
  3. Chop into smaller pieces


choppedfruits No Juicer? No Problem!

4. Add water to Vitamix

preblend No Juicer? No Problem!

5. Add fruit/veggies

6. Blend on high for 30 seconds to 1 minute

blender No Juicer? No Problem!

7. Strain the mixture into a large cup

nutsack No Juicer? No Problem!

squeeze1 No Juicer? No Problem!

8. Add a cool straw, and enjoy simple smile No Juicer? No Problem!

juicefinished No Juicer? No Problem!

This will make quite a bit of juice, mine usually range from about 16 to 20 oz depending on the size of the ingredients. 

Also, besides just being super delish, the specific combo I used (carrot, beet, lemon, ginger, cucumber) is great for detoxifying, digestion, and hormone regulation.


Read more about the benefits by clicking on one of the links below-


Raw carrots are great for balancing hormones 

Beets and lemons are great for detoxifying and supporting the liver

Ginger has a variety of health benefits, including digestive support


Tell me in the comments…


What is your favorite juice combo?

Any creative ideas of what to do with leftover pulp?


As always, thanks for reading! xoxo,


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