28th, February 2014


Lately I have been becoming more and more interested in making my body care routine more natural- I often talk about the importance of nourishing food and paying attention to what we put in our bodies; but I also think that what we put on our bodies  is (almost) equally  important.


The main steps I have taken so far are:

1. Replacing face wash with the oil-cleansing method

2. Replacing lotion/face cream with coconut oil (still looking for an all-natural lotion)

3. I ditched my dryer sheets after reading this article

4. I use Dr. Bronners 18-in-1 soap as body wash

5. I’ve replaced deodorant with an all-natural version

6.  I tried the No ‘Poo Method but couldn’t get over my hair smelling like apple-cider vinegar. Gross. Still looking for all natural shampoo brands.

7.  I’ve started doing Bentonite clay face masks (although i’m still not sure how I feel about them quite yet…)

And finally, the reason for this post today-

8. I’ve started dry-brushing before showering


dry skin brushing1 All About Dry Brushing


I’m going to be honest- when I first heard about dry-brushing, I thought it sounded like the weirdest thing ever.

My internal dialogue-


So…people actually brush their skin? Like they have fur? Weird.  

However, once I started reading more about it on various blogs like Purely Primal Skincare and Body Unburdened - the benefits of dry-brushing intrigued me based on some of the health issues I was/am having, and I decided to give it a try!

Some facts about dry brushing-

- Stimulates circulation and improves lymphatic drainage in our bodies- one of the main ways that the body ‘detoxifies’ itself

- Removes dead skin cells

- Stimulates cell regeneration (meaning reduced appearance of stretch marks, varicose veins, and premature aging)

- Aids in digestion and detoxification of liver/kidneys

- Enhances blood circulation

- Can help to minimize cellulite

How to get started:

- Purchase a brush with natural (not synthetic or plastic) bristles

- Brush (pre-shower) your skin in the direction of blood flow (towards your heart)

- Brush extremities first in upward strokes that are firm but still feel pleasant

- Be careful on more sensitive areas like your stomach

- It should take about 5-10 minutes but if you are in a rush, once over every area is great!

- It should feel good-kind of like a back scratch…all over your body!

- Avoid any scrapes/cuts

-Shower and moisturize afterwards with your favorite lotion, or coconut oil!! (My personal fave)

skin  All About Dry Brushing

Tell me…

- Have any of you tried dry-brushing before?

- Any other crunchy hippies out there? What are some natural changes you’ve made in your diet/beauty routine lately?

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